Spectacles of a Prime Roots Dweller


The water's surface of Midway Point's shallow circular lake was calm. There was little disturbance other than the finger of the kneeling Tryker who absently played with the liquid. Beside him is his journal, but there is no new entry, not for some time. Instead, he is in deep thought, thinking about a recurring dream he's had for some time...

...Dua, Fallenor 20, 3rd AC 2598...

"I have never had such a persistent dream before; to have witnessed the same locations and environments with such clarity multiple times where it is easy to remember is a special thing indeed. I have lost count of how many times I've had this dream, and it has led me to wonder if it is more than simply a dream. Perhaps a vision of places to explore and rediscover, or perhaps a vision of my own heart's desire to see such places that may or may not exist. Maybe it'd be better to go over it slowly...

It begins with a desert. Not like the desert that we know of in the New Lands, or the Aelius Dunes I've heard so much about, but a vertically elongated region, almost like a very wide, rough oval. In the center, biased towards the north, lies a small oasis in a small crater, making it inaccesible without climbing. On the edges are various flora by the water's edge and a few flocks of Igara enjoy this small respite. It is not known what is to the north, but to the south, the dunes dotted with shooki patches and various other plants and animals gradually descend and give way to a tunnel leading into the Roots.

The tunnel is dark, windy, and has many turns, however at the end it opens up to a vast plain with rolling hills. Like all Prime Roots regions, it is dark except for the various Ploomweeds, Toopetz, and Amoebas that dimly light the way. Immediately to the right of the tunnel is a small Jubla forest, along with some Lumpers roaming nearby. Throughout the area are herbivores grazing, vicious varinx sleeping in the shadows, and more. I didn't think much of it until I dreamt a little farther tonight..."

The tryker stopped messing with the water for a moment and eyed the area around him with a moment's unfamiliarity he hasn't felt for quite some time.

He then thought to himself,
"Perhaps I need to think about the new pieces a little more."

The Tryker then picks up his journal and stands up, shaking off water from his fingers in the process. Very carefully, he walks a distance away from the lake and raises a crystal; one that whisks him away to another place on Atys.

((HRP/OOC: Fun Fact, believe it or not, I did personally have this dream, but this interpretation is slightly altered to make more sense. It was interesting trying to put this dream into words to give off the right visual.))


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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