Insulting missions at Natae overseer

I just noticed that the overseer giving missions for craft levels 150-200 has the following two options:

I understand that missions pay out proportionally to the amount of materials you use, so of course crafting one single bullet is going to be a low payout.

Nevertheless, I would expect the higher level missions to give *enticing* rewards. I don't expect all missions to give 50k+ dappers, but I really find a mission for 155 dappers to be insulting. Please change these two missions so that either a) they out more dappers/material used, or b) they require larger deliveries (e.g. 100 bullets).

Thanks in advance.

(p.s. At the Thesos overseers, the average payout seems to be 600-800 dappers/material. To pay 155 dappers for a bullet is .. much lower than that. ;/ )


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