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Fame tracker

Hallo homins

The new version of Fame tracker has been released.

Fame limits

You can see a table with maximal and minimal fames for every entity you can gain or loose fame with. While the maximal limits are known, the minimal values are still not entirely clear and you should consider those values as suggestions. The maximal fame can also be highlighted on the fame bar/graph.

Fame changes

The table of fames can display the changeset comment as well as other fames affected in the changeset. The fame history table can display other affected fames in same changeset and you can now browse all changes in the past.

Dynamic application icon

The application is using new Ryzom app zone feature that allows to display a dynamic icon in application bar or home page. In case you are a member of a guild you should understand that by installing and using this application you become of your guild activity measurement. That means your presence will be periodically logged into guild activity database.

Changes shared between applications

Besides the improved main menu layout, there have been several fixes for better display in the IG browser. You can also change the start page of each application in app-wide customization settings. These settings are reached from either the the About section, now accessible through a click on the application name in the main menu, or your Forms and filters options.

Usage and installation

You can run the application IG using command /appzone 2132 from any chat window or install Fame tracker from App zone. All suggestions are welcome.

Before you start, the tool requires you to enter a valid API key. Then the first update can be done ...

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