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Poems from the Soul

Don't say I didn't warn you

Hello, you.
What kept you, darling?
These days are brighter now.
With someone to be adorable for.

You are not, just,
You are you, and you,
You are plenty.
You words made my day.

You're bold and true,
How I Love your..
Your declaration, your
Words of profession.

And you say, I'll make you fall..
That beating in your heart,
The one that trembles and reaches outward;
That there is what life is meant for.

Don't let my lips reach you.
Don't tempt me.
I'll take my time,
Trust me darling one:

By the time I'm done..
You'll know your true weakness;
Is not where my touch goes,
But whom you shudder for.

And when you go forward,
I'll steady you,
With arms around your waist.
Go, be amazing darling one.

And when the danger's gone
Even still, be careful.
Wherever you may be, I'm there.
Be careful, come back home.

To me.


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