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[Bittty once again sits in Ba'Naer Liffan's bar and scribbles on his map and consults his notes.  He takes a brush an some violet paint, diluted to a wash and fills in areas of the map. He sets it aside to dry, then writes on a sheet of parchment.  Once it is dry, he calls over a young homin and the papers and some dappers exchange hands.  Shortly thereafter the following letter appears on all the usual posts and stable walls in the New Lands.]

Germinally 26, 1AC, 2595.
To all homins who read this, greeting:

I have completed my survey of the new boundaries of the Goo in Void, as shown in the attached map.  There is only one small area of uncertainty, near the Outpost of Zo-Kian, but it is full of aggressive kitins, so details there are unimportant.  I also tested some previous measurements and it does not appear that the Goo is encroaching further since my first, partial survey.

A quick survey appears to confirm that there is no expansion of the Goo on the margins of the Grove of Umbra nor the margins of the Knot of Dementia.  This makes the change in the Void even more mysterious.

In the area near the largest incursions there appears to be a strange rumbling noise.  It is not the usual creaks and groans of the growing Bark, but something I have never heard before.

The slopes down from the Paramount Stock plateau are particularly hazardous.  The Goo incursion does not follow the crest, nor the base, nor any intermediate altitude, but varies with location.  Homins hunting in that area should be especially careful.

Homins who are using the Witherstock Farm as a base for hunting should be aware that the Goo has penetrated to the Eastern edge and that it is not possible to go around the hill in that direction without taking damage.

MacOd Bittty

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Guild of Scribes, Fairhaven


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