Trytonian Notebooks (from French Wiki)

Hi, I found the following texts on French Ryzom Wiki. I believe they have been published in connection with the ongoing event [Fyros] Pyr, the Empire’s Head. Below, I provide a rough translation of the three booklets (wiki pages).

As a followup, I shall post some comments about the texts

The little trytonian notebooks

Anonymous collections of Trytonian propaganda, found in the underwater libraries of Fairhaven.

1 Preface
2 First Book
3 The Karavan
4 The Techno Lords


What I will reveal in the pages that follow may cost me my life! The Karavan and the Kamis would not hesitate to hunt me down and blow up the city where I will take refuge! I therefore keep anonymity in order to preserve my life and that of those close to me!
Nevertheless, all that you will read is the truth and the fruit of very long scientific research, extremely dangerous explorations and fruitful readings in the underwater libraries of Fairhaven!

First Book

The statement in this little notebook is an analysis of what our Sages tell us about the Karavan.

The Karavan

The members of the Karavan are mysterious humanoids clothed in black with a face covered by a helmet. Their mission is to spread the word and serve the interests of the goddess Jena. With the exception of the deep Prime Roots, the Karavan is present everywhere on Atys. Its members travel in groups and crisscross the planet on gigantic metallic vehicles. They carry weapons from a technology unknown to all. Most Homins fear them and respect them.

Let us analyze these data:

The Karavans are like us ... They are humanoids like us! But they wear full armor all the time and a mask ...

Two theories:
  • Either they are all sick ...
  • Or something in the atysian atmosphere can kill them

They are gregarious as if the lives of each of them counted ... It is possible that this people is in extinction or very few without reproduction since it has reached immortality! Then they have metallic spaceships ... the metal does not exist on Atys! So the Karavan would come from another planet! And Atys is either their last chance ... or a prison they try to get out (see the notebook on the Dragon for this last theory!).

The Techno Lords

We are the disciples of Jena, goddess of Atys and Mother of hominity. We were sent to take care of His children, to show them the way in moments of error and prepare them for divine elevation on the day of judgment.
Be sure, this day is near, Homin! Adore Jena and she will guide you through the gates of paradise to a world of abundance, far from the dragon and Kitins, far from the evil Kami! Take care, these creatures are more concerned with the infected plants than with the homine life. They will take possession of your soul to nurture their selfish desire for self-preservation if you let them do it!
Never forget: like me, you were created in the image of Jena, and the faith you show to her must fill your heart if you want to receive divine grace when Atys can no longer endure the homine life. In exchange for your offerings, she has invested us with divine authority to resurrect your spirit, teleport you to distant lands and teach you how to use our technology.
If, like us, you consider that a homin's life is more important than a simple plant, open your heart to Jena, and She will be your Savior!

Let us analyze these data:
The Karavan says that Jena is the mother of Hominity ... So Jena or any other group named Jena created the Homins ... (see Second Trytonian Small Notebook). The Karavan is said to be his messenger ... And shows a fanatical, exclusive message and submission to the will of Jena ... and as Jena is incarnated by the Karavan ... Submission to Jena. There is also an eschatological character in all this: the aim of a life after death by a total submission to the Truth of Jena!

There are 5 aspects of totalitarianism:
  • One Truth: The Karavan is Jena, you must serve Jena!
  • A single party that holds the unique TRUTH: The Karavan.
  • Control of the economy: You have to help the Karavan (yes, but to do what?) Colonize Atys? Rebuild its destroyed ships during an ancient conflict?
  • The control of all sources of information and police: the Karavan is the only one to inform about Jena and it controls our governments which can hunt and execute us.
  • The establishment of a terror: here, a religious terror specifically shown by this sentence: Beware, these creatures are more concerned with the infected plants than with the homine life. They will take possession of your soul to nurture their selfish desire for self-preservation if you let them do it!

Let's continue this analysis: How does the Karavan justify that she is the messenger of Jena ... By the daily miracle of its technology (teleporter and resurrection) ... Now, curious Trykers and adepts of science, Know that this is not miracle but just science ... Where is Jena and the divinity in all this? According to the same text, we were made in the image of Jena ... But, why is the Karavan aps in his image and hides his face? Is she less in the image than Jena than we or all is that lie?
Then, look carefully at the warnings: watch out for the Dragon, the kitins and the Kamis ... The Kamis are the enemies of the Karavans ... these't certain they are fighting for Atys ... The Kitin, in view of the ferocity of the critters, It is to make sure that we, their voluntary slaves, do not perish and be useful! At last ... the Dragon ... We'll talk about it later ... Now an ultimate thing. It says, "If you want to receive divine grace when Atys can no longer endure the homine life."
Clearly, the Karavan knows that Atys will perish one day ... undoubtedly by his own actions ... hence the hostility of the Kamis ... And it will take away the most zealots of ours, so perfect slaves. But with what? A gigantic spaceship that brought the Karavans back to Atys and crashed ... The Dragon? We'll see it all later!


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