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fatigué de courir

There are many cycles Atys sent us its defenders ...

Many have not survived and others have disappeared. We have all lost loved ones.

I lost my Antaal talli (my little sister). I searched it all over the desert but I did not find traces.

Monsters, they exist.
I lied to her.
They massacred us.


I'm tired, I can not wander like a ghost.

I must resign myself I will not find her now.

How could I recognize her anyway? There is so much cycles that they took her from me.
She must be a homine with little homins and a husband now, I who am a vagrant unattached I will make her ashamed.
I, who am in the evening of my life, decided to land in the country where I was born. Old age makes me regret visions of Yem lochi at dawn.
Dice, I could pay my trip I will go to Fairhaven to finish my life trying to be a little useful ...

Tu ag ionndrainn mo beag ubhal,
Feumaidh mi a dhol ach tha mi gad ionndrainn

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