[Ark] Reports of Ryzom Forge's meetings (Ark Group)

December 15th 2016

1 Access for players to the first component of the Ryzom Arkitect (Ark) tool: the scenographic editor

Unless unexpected events, the scenographic editor should be open for players before Christmas, which will allow them to participate if they wish to the collective construction of the village of Atysmas this year. An announcement will be made to explain this scenographic editor, which allows to set a scenery.
The next step will be the access for players to the second (and last) component of Ark: the scenario editor which, as the name suggests, will allow to create scenarios.

Q: Is the scenographic editor a new feature?
A: It's mainly additions to the client.

2 50 Matis rite "Geography": "A view of the Kingdom" (Daemonixus)
The arrival of Ryzom on Steam, the upgrade to the V3, the mishaps but, also and above all, the lack of Arkitects have much delayed the project of the 50 Matis rite.
Luckily, the Ark group widened with the arrival of Daemonixus a few months ago. After a learning time, Daemonixus has just taken over the script of the rite in Ark. It is his sole task, so that this rite will be finally implemented.


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