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Les chroniques d'Eolinius

[HRP] It had to be a small roleplay contribution at first, then I got carried away... [HRP/]

The chronicles of Eolinius: the beginning

On that cool autumn night Eolinius turned around on his bench. The day had been exhausting and yet he could not sleep. He grabbed Silan's gazette which was hanging on an empty mattress among the other refugee benches, some of his comrades were still on mission in the middle of the night. "This Chiang will definitely make us die of fatigue," he thought. In the light of the fire crackling at the bottom of the hut, he turned the pages of the newspaper sharply to get to the news sections of the continent he liked so much. But as usual the page was almost empty. There were only vague banalities on the beautiful weather of the lakes region and on the morning mists of the Zorai jungle.

News from the big world was coming here in droplets. For years, the Karavan had blocked the transporters and the refugees could only use them in one direction to get off the island. However, sometimes, some information was able to get past who knows how. "If they are not the refugees, only Karavan staff can disseminate this information. I don't see strange Kamis taking an interest in Homin business. "Eolinius suspected the Karavan members were using the transporters in the other direction. "They must be raised too. Despite their helmets, I sometimes have the impression that they are not the same. "Of course he sometimes saw flying machines hovering next to the teleporters, but personally he had never seen anyone fly down or up. "Can a member of Karavan be bribed for information about the continent? ยป
He shook his head trying to forget this crazy idea. He had sometimes approached them but felt uncomfortable in the midst of these faceless beings. He resigned himself to reading the remains of the gazette which looked more like a column of crushed yubos.

-Recrudescence of Gingos attacks in the north of the island.

More reconnaissance missions in prospect. It was now Jena's year that Eolinius had arrived on Silan. He was wondering what he was going to do with his future life. Raised by scientific parents who had aroused his curiosity towards nature and technique in the purest Tryker tradition, he did not understand much about the politics or religion of other homins. He had trouble fitting in at first. Unwilling to do military exercises, he would see himself crawling around the camp with his comrades, more captivated to describe the appearance of the multicoloured mushrooms that he saw under his nose than by the orders of the ranger officers in charge of training.
However, over time, he had gradually developed a taste for long hikes and was always amazed by the beauty of the Silan Plains. He will thus remember all his life the day when he discovered the lake and Crays Island, the sun reflecting in myriads of sparks on the calm and restful waters. He would have taken a bath if a few thirsty torbaks had not forced him to pull out his sword and carefully turn back.
He now felt torn between two desires, quietly carrying out experiments at the bottom of a laboratory and going through Atys to discover all its secrets. "Hmm, and why not reconcile the two? I could start my own scientific exploration agency when I get to the mainland. So I can share my discoveries with the Tryker nation and all Atys"

-Two young Matis have disappeared. Rumors indicate they could have been abducted by the Chlorogoos clan.

This news amazed him. How could refugees be taken from the Rangers' noses and beards? Besides Matis, "there aren't many of them on Silan already, if they take them off now! "Eolinius was always intrigued by the Matis and their noble ways of behaving, so far removed from the somewhat rustic ways of the Trykers who slap you on the back with a beer in your hand. He had seen refugees pass over Silan. Of all races, and some faster than others. Life was hard and an impressive number of young recruits were missing. However he had also made some friends who were important to him.During a dangerous expedition, he met an older Zorai who answered to Xebei's name. They had become friends and Xebei had then helped him, saved his life many times by taking him out of very dangerous situations. Xebei showed him how to survive in the Jungle and Eolinius always listened to his wise counsel. He sometimes saw him again and tried to apply his recommendations to stay alive.
After a long night of kirosta hunting, he met a group of hunters and met Kyriann. After the monster was killed, all the participants who were still whole gathered around a campfire. Tryker at heart and always in a good mood, she was passionate about boats and she enlivened the assembly by wanting to teach Eolinius her sailor songs. They saw each other several times and participated in several other missions, then impatient to see the lakes region, she left to join the continent.
More recently, he met Gaolad, another Zorai. He became his comrade-in-arms and they often fought together, slaughtering kepees for Chiang and the Rangers. Young and spirited, smoking Slavic cigars (curious for a Zorai) and always ready to help young homins in distress, Gaolad left for Zorai country.He was trying to find out around him if anyone had heard of their exploits on the continent. Thinking back to all his friends, Eolinius smiled and wondered if he would soon see them again. He was now looking forward to leaving and leaving the island.
Exhausted by the day and its night reflections, the newspaper fell from the hands of Eolinius. He eventually fell asleep and his dreams filled with noisy battles, monstrous beasts and multicoloured mushrooms.
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