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Constitution Committee Discussion

If what you call "the Kard'ali Constitution" is the draft provided by the animation team, then I agree that it gives a lot too much power to the Government. When I read it in French, I found it was more giving full-power to the Governor than to the Kard'ali, but I agree on the basis.

Now I still consider that their actions since the merge were more lead by OOC reasons than IC ones, and so that condemning them for stealing the vote is a bit unfair from us as players (I'm the player speaking here, not the tryker character).

But it's ok: I gave my ideas and comments as a player, and now my character will go back to drinking beer and teasing officials (taliari, kard'ali, governor, all the same) without paying much attention to politics.
As long as there's beer in the bar, of course :-)
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