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client.log and log.log files eating up space, here's the fix

so you've noticed that your install folder (in the "\ryzom" folder) is filling up with "client.log" and "log.log" files. not a pretty sight when you see these files eating up massive amounts of hard drive space. (personally i noticed that these files were eating almost 500Mb of space and growing each day i played.)

so i've found the fix to rid these, after a week or two i no longer have to go into the folder and manually delete them anymore. pretty easy fix in terms of issues with ryzom.

step one: find your ryzom install folder.

step two: find "client.cfg" file

step three: open "client.cfg" with a text editor

step four: at the bottom of the file add this line "VerboseLog = 0;" (without the quotes)

step five: save the file (do not use "save as" or it will change the extension of the file.)

step six: close the text editor

step seven: close the file browser

step eight: enjoy the freedom of not wasting space for log files, or having to manually delete them every time you play.

I hope that this will help those of you that have noticed this problem, should this not work for you (i'm on windows and was only able to test it on windows systems) please inform me so that i might test in a VM for your OS a working fix, but since the basic game and the config.cfg file is the same on all os's this should work for all OS's.

have a nice day and enjoy your time on the rootball without wasting hard drive space for client.log and log.log.



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