Report - Ryzom Forge meeting - 20th of april 2015

Communication group

A new Atys chronicle has just been published on the forum (marauder wedding) and it is in the process of being publicated on the Lore wiki (in English, German, Spanish and French). In a while the beginning of a matis chronical in several parts will be published.
A "Chronicles" sub-forum will also be created in the "roleplay" forum to avoid losing chronicles in the mass of the RP posts.

Event group

Feedback on the Gibad event:
Vaiatua have found the event balanced and dynamic. The attack by the Shadow Runners was an interesting surprise element. The members of the convoy haven't crossed swords with the Antekamis unfortunately... As for the Gibads it was pleasing to learn their language little by little! Vaiatua appreciated that the previous event, where they had fought wild gibbaïs, had an impact on the behavious on the Gibad leader also. The last positivie point is the type of convoy event with a packer mektoub who sometime just is pig-headed, by going to the pond to have a drink for example! And the fact that we had to ask for hay to food it when we stopped at the Hamazans. For the Antekamis, the explanation of the fact they weren't there anymore will come in a few days. Time for Zatalyz to write what happened to them.

Lore group

Lore Wiki
Zorroargh is working mostly on the french wiki http://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/ : Reorganizing the portals, the categories.... it takes long.
Zendae and Vaiatua are working at integrating little by little the migrated documents, for examples the chronicles.
Zendae's contribution to the Lore team centres on introducing the tribes in French: after the Corsairs and Slavers, The Masters of the Goo have their presentation. Coming soon: Hamazans of the Dead Seed and Ecowarriors.

Support group

Nothing new.

Translation group

Nothing new.


Zatalyz: Grats to all of you for the work done. I've just seen the (French) http://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Accueil, and I'm impressed by all the new thiinkgs. I aslo know that some are actively working on the code, the rites. Thanks to all the translators who are helping us communicating and enjoyeing this game together! And if you want to help, and you haven't found your path yet, make yourselves known: there are lots of very different things to do and we can help you find your own way!


Ryzom Team Manager
(FR / EN / ES)

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