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accessing Yubo accounts from a mac

Emacs? i checked out the web page and frankly, I'm a bit scared. I am not a programmer and I'm scared to mess things up on my computer. I am not even sure how to add that line of text into my client.cfg file, where do I put it, at the top, in the middle, at the end? Do you just 'slide' it in anywhere? I'm scared I wont be able to 'Undo' it after so I can log back onto Ryzom!
Can you just make a copy of the Ryzom client to log onto Yubo server somehow? Why is this so difficult for the average person?

And yes, I guess it was your second link Siela, thanks. For some reason I couldn't find the containers folder when i looked. It wasn't until after i did the 'Shift+command+H action that it all came up.
~Thanks for your help :)
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