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we were very close to the answer to what we were looking for here, but the thread was lost in the shuffle.

the question stands:

how do i change the zoom limit of the in-game map?

can adding xxxxxxxx.xxx file to the xxxx directory override the default setting (the previous replies seam to say yes it can be done.)

karu and casy were very close to the answer we're seeking, will someone please finish the answer.

(when you zoom in to the map on the BM site it zooms in closer then the ingame map, and while it's a little "blockly" it's much simpler to see the various flags and markers up close.)

this question's answer could also lead to a related question i've ask:
can you extract the various map files to make small edits and then place file xxxxxxx.xxx into directory xxxxx.

it's very clear that things like this are not currently against the ToS/CoC as it's no different then downloading and replacing the spells animations to the classic style animations. they are all simply cosmetic changes to the client that give no advantage to one user over another user. is it too much to ask for the answers? if you feel that the answer would be too much to post here, i'll be happy to receive an in-game mail with all the details.


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