My Video Driver (NVIDIA) Crashes When Playing Ryzom

NOTE: I have had a stroke three years ago, and have some brain-damage, thus I
am a perpetual newbie.

I have had a problem with Ryzom for about a year.

Now, I have two monitors, a proprietary NVIDIA driver, and the video card is an
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650. It runs on an 8-core processor (AMD FX 8350) and it is
currently running under Debian Linux 3.16-2-amd64, 12GB of memory, and 5GB of
swap space. I am currently running under 340.24, but I have also used 340.32,
343.13, and 343.22.

Here is the problem. It seems to me that my video driver crashes while playing,
it reverts to running on a single monitor, and then I restart the game and
*sometimes* after that, it runs fine, and sometimes the video driver crashes
again, repeatedly.

I have used different versions of the video driver, to no avail. I have set the
driver to use a single monitor, to no avail. I have used kernel versions
3.14-2-amd64 and 3.2.0-4, to no avail.

Also, before I play Ryzom, I need to poweroff my computer and
use xfce or fluxbox as my windows manager, as I have compositing on KDE, and
compositing does not work well with Ryzom.

Like I have said, I think it a problem with my video driver, but could also be
a problem with my kernel. However, I do not think anyone else in the Ryzom
community has this problem that I have.

Also, this only occurs when running Ryzom, I have no problem running any other game.

If you need some more questions to help me diagnose this problem, please ask.


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