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repitition is what they want, so less people will do it to the fullest, and as for the fact that the system is never broken, i'll be honest, i've broken systems before, only takes a few hours to do it if you do nothing else, and it takes days (over 1 real life week) to fix it, so when i come back, i'll do EVERYONE a favor and brake ALL four systems, i just don't want to hear anyone complain that it takes 3 minutes to tp from one site to another after i do it, when the system is broken or low, the wait is very long, but ask and you shall receive. i have asked for some of the same things more then once, and was told "no way" just like you. but that's ok, when i come back and get refreshed on a few things, i have a project i've been working on for some time now that i plan to post for everyone to talk about, and i've went so far as to write roleplay stories that go right alone with my ideas, and i intend to put them out there after a time, so the dev's can have some time to decide if they are willing to give the players things they have asked for year after year, or just stick to those "things they are working on" that we never seem to see. right now i have over 15,000 words total for the work i've already done, and feel there will be yet another 5,000 or more before it's done, but i've no doubt that all that work will in the end be much like most things we offer up as ideas, a waste, but i'll still share it with everyone, just to show my love for ryzom and how much i'm willing to put into it, AND pay to do it.

maybe they'll take my idea and put it to use, and we'll all get something we want, maybe not, but that's up to them, untill then we'll just have to send our bills for RSI to WG.



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