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Finaly thx to help from Bonny all maps and spots are working again

In addition because of the Server changes back to the old spot positions: The Raw Material Spots on all Prime Root Maps have been restored to the old values pre change.

Remember anyone who registers on this site, can add spots to the maps. Please use the info field to enter the Quality and lvl of the material ex: (Q200 Supreme, or Excelent etc.) Please also remember to not use the zoom function of your browser, cause this would mess up the coordinates.

Please Upload screenshots of Encyclopedia entrys that are new or need to be updated. I need English, German and French pictures.
Please check if the corresponding NPC´s are allready added to the DB and Map, if they are not please add them yourself.

You can also upload pictures of everything else that need to be added to the database, including of Outposts, Tribes, Bandits that have no mini pic on the map.
Please name the pictures with the Tribe, Bandit, Outpost Name.


P.S: If someone could translate that to french that would be great. :) Thank You
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