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Mac App stopped working

i mailed the support team and they said to do this:


Sorry to hear you are having problems you may wish to try some fixes detailed below,

It appears you might have run into a graphics problem that maybe effecting some of the configurations found on the Mac version of the client. Please try the following possible solution

To do this, you will need to modify your client.cfg file.
It is located in /Users/~yourlogin~/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/

How to view the hidden and libary folders in Mac OS
http://www.macworld.com/article/161156/2011/07/view_library_folde r_in_lion.html

Follow these steps:
1. make sure you are logged out of ryzom. Restart computer if recently crashed.
2. open client.cfg in a text editor.
3. add (or edit) the following lines in your client.cfg:

FullScreen = 0;
Width = 1024;
Height = 768;
DisableVtxProgram = 1;
DisableVtxAGP = 1;
DisableTextureShdr = 1;
MicroVeget = 0;
SoundOn = 0;
Bloom = 0;

You can re-enstate Full Screen, sound and bloom if the client stabilizes, but micro vegetation may have to stay off until a patch update is released.

Dont not edit the client_default.cfg file you might also find in the installation as any edit to this file will break the game.

Should this not resolve the issue, please reply to support@ryzom.com and then we will investigate further.
The developers are aware of this issue and are working on a solution.""


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