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The problem is not with the targetting of the mob but the text of the mission. The correct mob is a Vulgar Kipee, find one target it and bam quest updates. I don't know why this would be that hard to track down since the exact same quest works in the desert lands.

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In the meantime, the mission text could be changed to state the name of the required target explicitly and statically? That is, instead of including a variable in the text, write it plainly: "Find and target a Vulgar Kipee."

Umm... Chalai -- I am not a developer or a programmer and it is my theory (not fact) that the bug involves checking the actual mobs in the area. Since Reallocdev did not confirm this, I may well be entirely wrong. In addition, I have heard of reports that for higher level people doing the mission that the correct target is the Vigorous Kipee. If that is so, then a static assignment is not the answer.

With respect -- Bittty

There's no need for the mission to be that complicated, at all. If it is that complicated, it shouldn't be. Complexity is a great feature of Ryzom but that...is just...nonsensical.

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My point was that your comment was directed at my *theory*, not at the actual case; we don't know what the actual case is, except that Reallocdev says that they can't replicate it on their test server.

We know, from experience, that it is an intermittent bug. Those are the worst kind.

And in my not so humble opinion, the worst possible fix for a bug is one that does not take into account the cause of the bug.


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Look at the quest as being both mission to find specific Kitin and mission to improve your social skills. So at least once you need to ask in chat or read the forums. There, problem solved.

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The bug seems to break the quest chain, if you ddo this quest (kill all of the vigorus kipee so some vulgar kipee spawn you don't get stuck at that point) then do the next quest (kill 10 vulgar kippee) you get a quest to "Talk to Mac'Cautty Deppan" but I can't find any way to talk to him, all i can do is say 'Who are you'.

I abandoned the quest and redid it but same problem happened, I am Fyros male (-5 fame with tryker cult alegiance neutral)

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I just did the mission with a character slot who had not yet done it (after merge, that character is a Fyros). The bug "Find and target ." is still there, but once you found and targeted, you are prompted to go back to Mac'Cautty Deppan and if you simply right click him, the mission continues with the task to kill 10 vulgar kipees.

What has changed, though, is that there are no more vulgar kipees on the beaches east of FH, only vigorous ones. Only in the cave with the well northwest of Karavan temple there are up to 4 vulgar kipees, as usual in company with 2 to 4 vigorous per each vulgar. One has to kill the whole spawn twice to get the reward (careful, depending on level and fighting strength one better pulls the kipees one by one using taunt, kipees are somewhat social).

After the last kill, the reward (some cats) is handed out immediately.

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