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this has happened a couple times. after making a new character. After creation, and clicking the play button the screen goes to black then returns to the character screen. i then have to kill the game using task master.

Any one?

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I used to have that too than i rolled back from Win7 to Win XP and no more of that...

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You should check to see if any profile files were created in the name of the character you tried to create, these will be found in \"gameinstallpath"\ryzom\save directory
If there are none or they are zero in size then maybe you have a read/write permission problem for that directory (which can be fixed via changing permissions in the properties tab)

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THAnks for the advice, i did follow your suggestion, My daughter also helped find my account, Ryzom is a family game for us. We have been gone, but decided to come back...
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