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When inviting homins into your flat, you get a decent menu which, unfortunately, only allows a cancel_invite, which is most times useless as the homin in question has long left your apartment and needs a new invitation to enter (as far as I know and tested).

It would be nice to have a function renew_invitation so that the history of your latest invitations make sense. One could choose to reinvite a homin who lately visited the flat. Actually, I like that menu and would welcome such an extension


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nobody accepted my invitation to my aparment
so maybe a force_a_homin_to_your_flat_
option could be add it..

just saying....


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How about a lock_the_doors_once_they're_inside option

could come in handy . . .



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Monje maybe if your Apt didn't have those eerie noises coming from, and you would not be looking at homins so hungrily they would accept your invitation more often :)


Agreed, and the old menu actually had this function, no idea why they removed it.


An option to make an invitation permanent would be nice as well, so that it's always effective without having to constantly renew it.


+1 for "grant access to friends" ..just add names to a list - who can enter my appartement any time until removed there


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Will this option be available again? In another life, I quite enjoyed sitting with friends from different lands in my apartment or dropping by to visit them in theirs.


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This option will be available again soon, at the same time as Rybambel.


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Tamarea (atys)

This option will be available again soon, at the same time as Rybambel.

Thank you, I tried searching for any information on this but couldn't find it. :)


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nice, never really used it but thats probably because most where to scared to enter past the death body and the gas at the entrance :) (lets hope we can put up the ingame beer barrels in our app, campfires never worked)


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What is Rybambel?

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It's a name for the packages you will then be able to carry from home caretaker NPCs to home caretaker NPCs in other cities. Essentially a postal delivery service where homins can transport packages. Some packages delivered will be delivered into a homins mail inbox and contain gifts for your appartement. Some love it, some don't understand what's so fun about it.

Wait and see :)
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