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i have the game downloaded. i double click the the game the start thing pops up then my fire wall asked if it can start i click yes the black box goes away and the ryzom sign with the sorwd under it pops up the picture then stay for a hafe a min then that goes away then nothing happens im still siting at my desktop.

i have turn off fire wall and tryed then tryed to see if i need to go to the came install area to see if it could repair it and come up with an error background downloader has stoped working a problem caused the progtam to stop working correctly windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available
im not sure if im doing somthing wrong or if i need to redownload it please help

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i am not on a mac on a pc

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Hi Pixies I wonder if you have an Anti Virus software running, that could cause this problem.
Currently I download the ryzom_setup_644.exe to check, at which point you're stuck with the installation.

Can you tell me which version of windows you have installed?

Mine is a Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate.


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Hi Pixies,

Sorry to see you are having problems. Can you give a little more information about your computer? What OS are you using, what graphics card?

Could you go to your Ryzom installation directory and find the file called "client.log" and upload it somewhere (a file sharing site for example) and then put the link here? Alternatively you can email it to support-ee@ryzom.com with a description of the problem and the information requested above.


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Or you listen to Miss Sywindt :)


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it a aspore one a little 10 in acer using windows 7 it had macaff on it and nortin and i took them both off cus i dont like them and im using avg and spy bot it my windows worning poping up asking if it can be played i uninstalled it and re installing it now to see if that will help ill try and get what you want and post it back up here

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when i did the trouble shooting thing says it missing things to start it up so i guess it the download so thanks for the help i just might not be able to play it

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Actually Trini's suggestion is a good one; Try temporarily turning off AVG when installing and patching. AVG has been known to cause some problems with the patching process.


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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Maybe some players have some more experience what to do to run Ryzom on a win7 netbook.
For me its been a while that I tried to run Ryzom on a system with an integrated Intel graphics adapter.


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I can't get ryzom running resonable on my Atom N450 with Windows. I'm here on XP, I doubt it's any better with Windows 7. It works however with Ubuntu and the Linux client. You could make a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu and install the Linux client on it. No changes to your existing system - always worth a try.

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AVG was my problem some time back. My bet is disabling it will do the trick.


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