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Is there things I should take note of in the game? And if so, what's the best method of doing this?

Also, is there a guide I can read to help me get more familiar with the features of the game's interface? It still feels a bit alien to me (I mean the interface, but yeah, the entire game), and I feel playing the game would be easier and learning things about the game would be easier if I knew how to use the interface better.

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I don't know any guide about that so we might start a collection of useful hints here.

I'll start with notes.

There are (at least) two types of notes you can make.

Most useful will be markers on your map. You create them by right clicking into the map window. I create markers for boss spawns (to go scout for them later), passages that are hard to remember (in lakelands and jungle) and raw material locations (especially useful until you get large area prospection skills and in prime roots). Make sure you backup your "save" folder from time to time because markers are stored there and will be lost if your save folder gets corrupted.

Textual Notes can be made ingame (use shift-w to access web tools ingame) as well as using pen and paper. I take these notes for receipes and crafting requests.

For the interface...

The ryzom interface is highly customizable. Try to find some keyboard layout that suits your playing style and is easy to remember. Some examples from what i am using:

* Make panic actions share the same key on all your action bars (for example shift-6 always is melee aura, 8 always is some hp regen, 7 is taunt, 9 always is hp+sap heal for me). This can also be comfortably done using your second action bar, in this case assign keys to use the actions on bar 2.

* Define keys to easier switch between action bars (i am using F1..F8 keys).

* Check System->Configuration->Display->In Scene.

* Make macros for your recurring text commands (emotes, target macros for bosses or nameds, assist, follow) and pick some scheme to remember the keys. I use alt-<Key> for all macros that change my current target and ctrl-<Key> for macros that use my current target.

* Check client_default.cfg and client.cfg (explaining them takes another post).

* Add a key to cancel your current action (comes in handy if you're doing elemental magic, get in blood rage and accidentally pick some dangerous target using forward selection (space key). And if you're healing somebody and notice he is already at full hp/sap/stamina). I am using the key left to "1".

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While i'm at it... about client_default.cfg and client.cfg:

Both files reside in your ryzom folder. You can open them using any text editor (notepad or Editor for Windows). "client_default.cfg" contains all those settings players might/should know about and has some short explanations on them but cannot be changed. If you change client_default.cfg the patcher will restore it on game startup.

Any user settings need to be made in client.cfg. If the setting you want to change is not present in client.cfg copy it from client_default.cfg.

What i think is most useful:

* CameraDistMax changes the maximum camera distance in 3rd person mode.
* SystemInfoColors allows you to change display options for system messages (for example send messages about what your team members looted to sys-info window). Especially useful for those with weak eyes (and small HD monitors) as you can change font size for sys-info but not for overlay messages.
* ScreenShotWidth and ScreenShotHeight allow you to make huge screenshots (they will be missing any user interface though).

Some or many or all of these settings can have side effects and are not available in the configuration forms for that reason (i guess). For example: Large screenshot are made sequentially (as you would take a panorama with your camera) and thus they are not very good on dynamic scenes. Using SysInfoColors you can make important messages almost invisible. Using CameraDistMax you can see what is behind the borders of the map (nothing elaborate) and get stuck on a few spots leaving or entering water.

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Ulykus has got some awesome suggestions. On caveat I would add is if you are on a Mac then be aware of what keys you assign. They will assign in game but when hit will follow OS first. i.e f12 will default to bringing up a your gadgets.

For me I have a USB keyboard for left hand programmed for movement, camera shifts and such. The setup is up to you. Try it out and good luck.

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Also of some note is modifications to these files like the camera trick will also keep you from GM and CSR help as modifying them is against the EULA/ToS.


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Eh, I think I'm gonna leave client.cfg and client_default.cfg alone, but the rest is something I will try and do. I usually look at key layouts in most games before playing much anyways.

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Please keep in mind that modifying game files without explicit instruction from a CSR voids your right to support.

As for the interface: right-clicking is your friend in Ryzom.


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As for the interface: right-clicking is your friend in Ryzom.
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I'd suggest:

1. Reading the wiki

2. Read the old Forums

3. Read the IG Forums

4. Get familiar w/ the popular info sites:

5. When all else fails, RTFM :)


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