#16 [en] 

HAHAHA Jokes on you! You've told us so now we'll wear goggles :P

#17 [en] 

Only Trykers have access to goggles(checks head,yep still there).


#18 [en] 

I approve of this wonderful product!

#19 [en] 

Doh, I forgot to give you the artist impression of how it would've looked like if we'd already had this product at the last protest. Here you go.

#20 [en] 

lmao, ok, i'll give you credit, that was pretty funny.


The fail whale!


My name is Lil, but you may call me Your Majesty. ;)

#21 [en] 

This take on Atysian actuality is, I must say, pretty hilarious. I'll have to share it to some of my friends.


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