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PLayers could own shops. Buy a Shop for 200Mill Dappers, Have your own opening hours and just stang there waiting for Homins to buy/sell items. Make your own prices, haggle all you like! Shop inventory would be the same as a Guild Hall's. Shops could be owned by upto 5 Homins so they can have it open all the time! IF a Shop owner buys in bulks (craft grind items) can sell them to shop so they can't be re-sold and make a small profit on that too or loose out some dapper sink.

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Well, we dont have any real player owned buildings...but shops? We already have those. When I need newe gear, I do not go to NPCs...I usually do not pay with dapper, instead usually in "friendship points" or even mats, but I do not buy anything from NPCs anymore. Sehraci use to run an armor shop off her meks in Yrkanis, and she accepted dapper.

With the Tryker Faire, I hear they have extended this to provide actual booths. I fear something more permanent might get cluttery, but on the other hand there is a lot of empty space in the capital cities...make some booth positions and add a booth once we buy it. Once you quit paying your "rent" the booth disappears.

Of course, they would be used just like hawkers are currently used...(I would anyways)...mark everything WAY up and it becomes a storage unit.

Besides that, maybe we could even "pay" an NPC to stand there and sell our stuff.


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As a new player one of the obstacles I encountered was finding proper gear with the merchants. I was told players don't want to sell Exc. and Sup. materials with the merchants because they can be lost, if nobody buys the item the NPC consumes them. Then it becomes a waste of good materials, even if the materials use aren't exc. or sup. crafters rather do the items on the spot to avoid the lost of harvest materials. Some crafters don’t even want dappers because they have enough already, and the only valuable currency or exchange for crafted goods is materials.

My suggestion is to allow player made shops, and allow the players to purchase NPC merchants for their shops too. Someone like a hawker that can hold all types of items, but limit the amount of items they can sell in their shops. Allow the crafter to add a sign to the shop where he’ll be able to write down what he can craft and where shoppers can read what items the player can make, this option will allow shoppers to request the items by emails.


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Consider making the shops rentable and not permanently owned. A crafter who wishes to have a shop must pay real estate fees, have fame with the civilization where their shop will be, meet crafting requirements (perhaps be masters), and pay monthly rent for the shop as well as pay the NPC merchant in their shop a salary. If items are not sold after a period of time the shop becomes xtra storage the rent should be increase and the prize set for the item should drop (as if placed in the clearance rack). The shop owner then has the option to remove the item from clearance, but can’t add the item right back to the shop (perhaps after some time they can).

Since dappers are somewhat abundant make the shop earn civilization-faction points so merchants can purchase generic materials, maybe add exc. and sup. materials too or crafting tools, harvesting tools, etc… give the crafter the option to sell for dappers or faction points, (just and idea).

My idea isn’t perfect but some options we can all add too.


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More like maust be of lvl 100 for Capitals except Pyr for Pyr the limit is 150
and so on have the craft lvl match the Town q Cap.
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