Should this suggestion be implemented?
Yes! Would be my new "home". 4
Yes, including the optional stuff (but living there is not for me). 3
Yes, but the optional stuff is going too far. 3
No, but the idea has some merit, just need to figure it out. 1
No, a waste of development resources. 2
Bah, hominists need to die...oh, on second thought, this will gather them in one place for ease of killing 1
Other 3
Abstain 2

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And that's exactly where I wouldn't want it, as that's a giant warcamp on the front lines of the kitin war, rather than a secluded outpost. Who would build their safehouse on top of a kitin nest?

Plus, Almati Woods is outside the normal world both game-mechanically and in lore, so that's more like banishing the hominists than giving them their own place. It'd make sense for the Marauder city to be outside the New Lands, but Hominists? They're supposed to be in the middle of it, so Nexus/EF. And ideally roughly equidistant from Kara and Kami altars.

Scouting the place out, I found 3 locations I love that meet these criteria: That hill to the northeast of Highwatch Farm in Nexus (or Highwatch Farm itself if it must be a 'rebuild outpost'). Inside that cavern by Grotto Pass in EF (no 'rebuild outpost' option for that one). And Thee Totems Pass Workshop in EF.

Since these are PvP zones, the outpost would need to be a safe-zone like those around portals and altars.

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On top of Destiny's End in Nexus would also be awesome, but when making suggestions I tend to stick to the principle "the more you ask for, the less likely you are to get it" :P

In this light, I think the minimum needed for the outpost itself would be a copy of that building in the Kami Oasis, so we have a place to go inside (it's the smallest building you can go inside afaik), a stable, and a watchtower with some guards.

If it turns out successful it can always be expanded later. In that regard, though I'd personally prefer it being in PR, I think it being in Nexus would slightly increase the chances of it ever getting it's own TP, since it could then get it's own TP without breaking the rule that neutrals can't have PR TPs. Even if you want that rule gone anyways, I doubt the devs would break it just for this outpost.

The stable would present another problem, as currently every merchant has it's prices dependant on your fame with their race... so how would this stableboy's prices work?

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Discussion has moved me from "Maybe, but still unsure" to "Yes, I like this idea". However, to meet the needs of using it as a neutral meeting ground available to all, easily as accessible as the capital cities, it would need to be somewhere besides Nexus and PR, particularly due to the PvP nature of the suggested areas.

Right now, there isn't a lot of ganking that happens in those areas, but that won't necessarily always be the case, and may not be the case on all shards. Players who do not like PvP at all would be required to travel through PvP lands at least a little bit to reach the neutral city for meetings, even if only once to collect the TP, which I feel is way too much to ask.

Any of the non-PvP PR regions, as well as EF, also have the issue of Kitin Patrols. This new location shouldn't necessarily be a safe haven from them, yet it would need to be in order to conduct meetings uninterrupted.

For prices, either everyone pay full price all the time, or -- since it is Hominist -- have full discount at Fame 50 for everyone, and increase the price based on each civ fame that is lower.

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I am aware of this issue, but there is no location that's 'available to all, easily as accessible as the capital cities', and that is not inside any of the 4 nations. So then it still wouldn't be neutral ground, and Hominist would still be guests of the nation.

Might as well use the capital city then.

The only option to be easily accessible but outside the nations would be some sort of island that can be teleported to from all 4 capitals... hey, I've just described a Ring scenario! So again, that's more like banishing Hominists to a permanent Ring scenario then giving them a place in the world.

Might as well use a Ring scenario then.

If we want this outpost to be both neutral ground and inside the world, people will just have to suck up that they have to face kitin patrols and/or PvP to get there. Being a Hominist requires courage :P

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