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A third "hand slot" that you can place a "at the ready" item in. Switching betweem you current and "at the ready" items should take a fraction of the time as normal.

The idea behind this is that while you are using an item, you have something else ready to grab and use at moments notice. Some useful examples would include a sword "at the ready" while casting. Another would be amps "at the ready" while digging.


I would like to see this "at the ready" item on ones back. THis would allow for standards, Factional, racial, or even guild banners (such as the ones the CSRs carry about, only with the respective design and without the glow) to be carried or "worn". One benefit of this would be organization in battle. Anyone else notice that It always seems we are suppose to "gather" or "stay with" a Tryker in battles or events?

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It should NOT take less time. It should take the same time, but I agree it would be nice to have something you can select via a hotkey to equip instead of using 2 mouseclicks (maybe even entire equipment sets) :)

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I would be happy with this shortcut taking the same amount of time, but here is why I thought it should take less...If I am digging, and have a sword sheathed at the ready, it seems to me that the whole point is to be able to draw it when needed. As opposed to ssetting down my "bag" and digging through it to get what I needed.

An alternate solution, have your "at the ready" item cause malus based upon the weight of the item. This would finally give reason to craft for lightness, and be realistic in that a sword sheathed at the ready may occasionally get in your way while trying to dig.

This would force people to weigh the benefits of this ability.

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It takes time for a reason, and that's to create a modicum of realism.
That's why it shouldn't change.

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Ha!...As I said I would be happy either way (or even no is afterall just a suggestion, and I obviously like the game as it is), but not only did I give justification for why a switch taking 2/3 (or 7/8 or 1/2) the normal time is justified and "realistic"...but the second option, with the ready item causing malus is even more "realistic" than both the current situation and my original suggestion.

You want to make a claim for "realism"? Try having the weight of what you are carrying cause malus...the more you carry, the harder it is to do anything; digging would get harder and harder as you full your bags. Want another one? Lets have the equipment switch time change with the amount of malus...I mean it would be much easier to maneuver to grab something off your person while wearing LA than HA...I mean if a modicum of realism is what we want...

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Realism in games should *always* be kept in consideration, and also *always* be thrown immediately out the window once it gets in the way of fun.

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if people can instantly change from one weapons and armour set to another (which this would allow) in the middle of say an opwar or indeed any pve situation, it would have a massive effect on game mechanics...

You're digging with a team, kp comes along, instantly everyone is in battle gear and kills kp rather than having to either run or die.

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Penalize all of your current activities via extra malus for the chance that you might want to swap weapons quickly, in say, half the time or whatever. Sounds like a fair trade, especially considering you may never make the weapon switch.

That is indeed quite "realistic".

And I don't see anywhere that Lory was suggesting armour, which would be silly. Please don't imply that he did.

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Nor did anyone ever say or imply anything would occur instantly...careful of your continued choice of suasions, hyperbole is a weapon of the dim.

In fact, concerning armor...when the suggestion does come up of single button suit switching I consistently argue against it. I think the current system does a good job of mimicking the effort of switching between armor in you "bag" and what you are wearing. I also think the current system does a good job of mimicking the effort of switching an item currently equiped in your hand with one in your bag...what I am suggesting is allowing us to have one already out of the bag and at the ready. Be this "at the ready" mean you place it on the ground beside you ready to grab and use, or in a scabbard at your side...both would be quicker than having to set down your bag, open it, and dig through to find the item...then make the switch, as we must realistically do with armor.

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I don't know that it's necessary. If it takes the same amount of time, you might as well just click the current hand icon on the action bar. Though if it takes less time and adds to malus, it might be useful - just not to me.
I assume the extra malus with bulk and/or weight was a joke or hyperbole of realism. But as for that, I always set down my bag when digging, fighting, etc. and no one's bothered it so far. The Kami even manage to grab it when they res me. Why don't you try that? :D

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And I don't see anywhere that Lory was suggesting armour, which would be silly. Please don't imply that he did.

He said "item", that could include armour items...

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A third hand slot to hold an item. Such as picks? Other tools? Stuffed Yubo? Or perhaps, I don't know, the faction standards that he mentioned?
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