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Whenever I interrupt digging with Ctl-S, the direction arrows no longer work as expected.

I have to use the Up (forward) arrow key to change directions, after rotating the camera view using Left or Right.

Normal key behavior is for the Left and Right key to change movement direction (not camera).

It makes it a tad difficult to escape critters (and most of the time, the reason for interrupting the action is caused by mob disruption).

Normal key behavior resumes as soon as the node I was digging dies. I use Ctl-S instead of dropping the mats, obviously because I wish to keep the mats in spite of the disruption.

I do not know whether other players experience the same issue.

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Yep. This always happens to me also. Somehow I learned how to live with it and been too lazy to report issue ;)

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I experience something similar, though I have never associated it with digging. I don't use Ctrl-S to stop digging, I just get up and run (often after mashing an aura button). I haven't yet been able to narrow down when it happens, but it very well could be related to digging.

I almost exclusively use the mouse to steer my character. Sometimes, I have noticed that attempting to turn the character and the camera at the same time (hold right mouse button and move the camera), my character does not turn until starting to move forward. This sounds very similar to what you describe.

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Yes, it's the same thing. Not specific to digging. It comes when an action is interrupted midway.

Diggers typically use Ctl-S as it prevents the "double-standing" from occuring after a few meters.

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I usually use "down arrow" to interrupt digging, and that doesn't do anything to my directional controls. I don't use ctrl+S because I didn't realize it worked. :)


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I remapped my Ctrl + S to the Tab button and it works wonders... makes it fast to cancel a digging action to switch to a CP RIGHT before you would explode. Thought maybe this could help.


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