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I run the Ryzom client at 1280x960 windowed. This is set in the client.cfg file. Often, when I start the client, I find it suddenly running at 1024x768 windowed and the setting has been changed in the client.cfg file.
What can I do to stop this, other than a) checking the resolution every time I start the client either manually or with a script or b) locking the config file against changes?

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You do seem to have a lot of client.cfg problems. If you were on Windows I'd tell you to fix your permissions. :P

Is your UI also being reset? If so, that's a known bug, although "known" is a bit rich in my case since I can't remember what causes it.

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No, it's not. Everything else stays as it should. As for the persmissions (we do have those on Linux :P) they're <me>:users 644.

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Sure, but Linux permissions do what you tell them to do and then keep doing it. :P

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I keep a script to force the resolution to stay where I want it to be. It seems the "corrections" to client.cfg occur when the client shuts down. I have no idea why they occur. So you can check for the width and height lines and do a regex replace before starting the client again.

Window client here, by the way.

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Hi Nonea,

Problems with the linux client are handled by the open source community atm. It looks as though this issue is similar to yours: http://dev.ryzom.com/issues/1262. I suggest you add your voice to that issue.

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I wasn't aware of that site/link. Thanks, Sywindt.
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