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My understanding of the weather is that it's random. Every couple of minutes, it has the potential to change a little in each direction ... and maybe even the chance not to change at all? That would be why sometimes, the right weather is always there (I agree, that's rare) or the right weather is never there, prospecting every 20-30 seconds for an entire season.

For one, getting the weather displaying correctly on Windows clients would be a bonus. Then, perhaps a character improvement to show in Sys.Info when the weather changes with some value to which we can apply meaning on our own, similar to the Source Mode types. This weather value should only show up if we are holding a pick of some type.

Over time, we would learn when the weather value (Weather Mode?) is close to the value we want. Then we can see what it is and either wait a little bit because what we're looking for will happen soon, or go do something else if it won't happen soon.

Different requirements for Surface vs PR would definitely make sense. For example, Master Desert and one other, any other, to read the weather values in the Desert (which would also grant weather observance in that second region as well, unless it was PR). And then master all lands to see weather in PR. Maybe Nexus could be somewhere in between, such as PR + two others.
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