#1 [en] 

This goes with my suggestion 'Changing the action set for "Action #2" window'.
If we are able to change the set of actions that the "Action #2" window, I would like an easy to access, togglable option to lock "Action #2"'s set relative to "Action"'s. That is, if "Action #2" is displaying set 1 and "Action" is displaying set 3 with this option turned on, changing "Action"'s set to 4 will change "Action #2"'s set to 2 automatically.

This would make it easier to change both quickly, for example to change from your ridiculously large number of specific digging actions to your fighting and magic actions, while still allowing people who wish to keep one set the same always and change the other to do so.

#2 [en] 

If it would be possible a change action bar 2 then you would be able to easy make a macro changing both bars a at time. But for now you can only set action bar 1 with macro's. But that still gives you 40 skills at any time on your screen until 6months ago or so we didn't even have action bar 2 so we had to live with 20 skills on screen and macro's. Just use action bar 2 for your protections and auras and make some macro's that make it easy to switch action bars fast.


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