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this is far fetched but what if we got a new race added to the game
that has been living atys' moon and decided to show themselves to us.
would add some new armor new weapons maybe a new material to dig plus new land to play in. something to spice up the game since not much new content has been added in a very long time.... would be nice to get an "expansion pact" so to say for the game.....

just my long wishing dream for ryzom lol.

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Well technically the marauder are like a new expansion but i understand your point of view.


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I think this exact same thread was asked some weeks ago but new planet instead of moon. I don't see this possible really and don't forget the new lands and primeroots are like 10% - 20% of atys (just and estimate by me) there is so much more about this planet like old lands or upper roots ... we have to learn first. They have said we get a new pvp zone and marauder city in the next episode so lets see what they bring us first.


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New mats and content coming this year. The goo infected creatures will have new corrupted mats. Also, some feral gibbais which will be guild challenge as they will be lvl 300. At a point we had them in void for testing purposes.

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The idea is good, but the Moon? Seriously? :D

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well the idea kinda just came to me while starring at the night sky one chilly atys night so i thought id just post it on here for feedback is all thought itd be a cool idea kinda wud like a new race implemented from even a old hidden land on atys.
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