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Hello all

DawN Guild is now active in Ryzom, we intend to explore all of the games various content [i am a pvp nut and looking forward to that] and get involved in the community as much as possible.

Although as a guild we are brand new to Ryzom, we actually are an experienced group of friends who enjoy playing mmos together.

Requirements to join - Over 21, Willing and able to use guild voice comms - TS3

Activity - Mostly active during EU prime time [although players from all time zones welcome].

Initial plan - We are currently 8 active members strong with a few more folks joining from our existing player base, however i would like to grow to approximately 20 or so. We are especially keen to welcome new players to join us on our adventure, however vets who could help steer the ship are also welcome.

check us out here -

To join - Contact Atome ingame during EU prime time to discuss it further!


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Welcome DawN Guild. Have you decided on a cult faction yet? Karavan, Kami or Neutral?

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Yow welcome DaWN, and same question like Jola (always intersting to see what ppl choose)


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Welcome DawN Guild.

We look forward to seeing you around. Best of luck


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Welcome. =)


Noble Jayce
Reaper Leader

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Thank you all for the warm welcome

We have not yet decided on our faction direction, however we look forward to making that decision later on.

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We will be using the Matis Homeland as our base, for exploring, grouping, xping & leveling!

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Good choice. ; )

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I still have members joining us and sampling the game from our existing player base, DawN members playing other mmos, which is great. However i really would like to have more brand new players join us.

So if your brand new to Ryzom looking for a home for new starters then please check us out. You can contact any member ingame, or send me a mail ingame or a /tell Atome for further info.

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I will join you for a try out of this intriguing world. Already a DawN member though - I'll try to catch you tonight Atome :)

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Excellent, come and join the fun mate.

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Well, we have been ingame just over a week now. We have a healthy, active player base and we are enjoying the game hugely.

Would just like to take this opportunity to thank the community for being the best community in any game we have ever played. Special thanks to Binarabi, Bones, Joneyentee and Rhyanna for all your help, making the game so much fun for us.

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welcome to Atys dawn guild :)

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Well, we have been ingame just over a week now. We have a healthy, active player base and we are enjoying the game hugely.

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This may come across as repetitve or a bit suckie however we have the same discussion in ts3 most evenings. We continue to be genuinely impressed at how awesome the community is. The generosity, friendlyness and helpfulness of people makes this game so special and the community the BEST of any mmo!

For those that dont know we are a medium sized multigaming guild, who have been playing mmos for many, many years, you name it we have played it! We have our own community of aproximately 300 members across several mmos. We are so happy here that our Ryzom division will be expanding, we will hopefully continue to grow even though we are planning for new mmos.

Additional special thanks to Basic, for your help and support and continued thanks to those mentioned previously [a few posts up]. Also a big hi to all the new friends we have met, you really have made us welcome.

For anybody interested in Ryzom, try it, you will not regret it.

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