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Very nice Karu, I'm addicted to playing with it already :)

Back on topic, the Ryzom Armory reveals there actually are two Marauder guilds on Arispotle already, and these are their logos:

I'm guessing the storm is in reference to Akilia Ash Storm, and the two swords are pretty self-explanatory. Both seem to roughly agree with me on the colour scheme.

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Hey, they changed the forum picture settings, it no longer shrinks the icons :)

To conclude this thread, every Marauder icon I've seen so far put together:

Including the official(?) one that's been used in the latest events.

No need to pick 1, we can imagine these as all belonging to different Marauder clans.

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Gogo Marauders, go!

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Oops! Seems I wasn't done yet, I completely forgot about the Marauder PvP icon:

Which notice, very much looks like a guild logo you can make:

Incidentally, the same goes for the Hominist and Anti-Theist PvP icons:

Which you can approximate as:

Anyways, I just thought it was fun the mark of the marauders is the mighty izam :P
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