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I think it would be cool to have Flame Throwers in Ryzom. The ability is there see Ocyx or Wombaï.

The ammo could be 2 Resin and 3 Oils. Bulk would be half of Launcher ammo, and the flame would last upto 2 seconds.

This is just rough idea open for refinement.

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Obviously this would have to be balanced out with the long awaited snowball launcher. :p


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Atysian missile spell with fire and spray stanzas, anyone?


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Obviously this would have to be balanced out with the long awaited snowball launcher. :p

and a watercannon :)

Maybe at last a chance for implementing racial effects on racial weapons?
Burning Brazer becomes a flamethrower, electric bowgun a stungun, and create a waving autolauncher to be a watercannon :)
Not quite sure what a living rifle would do, spit venom maybe?

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electric bowgun a stungun

It's old, but I have to....

"Don't tase me bro!"

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Which skill tree would a flamethrower belong to? Ranged? Close Combat? New Flamethrower skill tree?

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Flamethrower should probably be under the Forest Improvements skill tree.


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I'd rather call it Thesos Skill Tree *runs*

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Now, are you looking for a new ranged AoE weapon mechanically, or do you just want to be able to shoot the ocyx flamethrower animation from your gun? :P
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