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Think it was mentioned already in another thread, but inside a list of freatures. I think it deserves a own thread cause it would be VERY handy for all crafters.

Well, the idea is simple, we need to be able to craft and sell with the same button while being in front of a vendor. Having a craft and sell button would make crafting lesser of a time-killing grind and lower the chances of selling to a npc something you dont want to, by shift-entering it (like amps?).

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I don't really see much of a need for this.

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Wait until you advance further in crafting, maybe you will change your mind. The need to sell literally *hundreds* of items by clicking *each* of them manually is a pain. Especially when it comes to crafting and selling small things, like daggers or jewelry. This process needs some optimization. Make it more ergonomic.

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Instead, more generically, an ability to either multi-select items for sale to the vendor, or a "Sell All To Vendor" button with the ability to mark items not-for-resale.

Personally, I would prefer the latter option. You designate the boss mats you just collected as "Not for resale"; then you open up a Trade window with a merchant and the boss mats you marked don't show up. You only collected some other guard creature mats, and those you want to sell, so you click "Sell All To Vendor" and it sells everything to the vendor that can be sold.

The first time you use this button, a warning should pop up to let you know that you could accidentally sell something you didn't want to sell. It should be possible to disable/hide this warning from reappearing.

Working on a second Jewel master, and the rest not far behind, you learn how to optimize the selling of vendor trash, particularly small items like jewels. I'm comfortable with the way things are now, but there is almost always room for improvement in anything, and this is one area that -could- be improved upon.

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The ability to select more than one item at a time would help, and incase of the sold amps... the ability to reverse 'sell to vendor' might help.


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I put up two related ideas, No trade mark and Stackable items, both aimed to optimize trading. You mark items you don't want to sell as No Trade ones, and they simply won't appear in any trading windows. And then stacks of identical items, easy to manage or transfer between inventories or to sell with two clicks. Ammo, crystals and consumables already stackable, why two identical rings or swords, or whatever else are not?

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After leveling jewel crafting some more, I support this.

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I just can't see myself using it... as long as it doesn't get in my way of the normal button i'd be fine with it


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The general problem is there, but I don't see myself using it either. I'd rather have multiselect and the undo sell to vendor thing. For example make all your sells temporary until the merchant window is closed. Then do a commit.

Needs a buffer/wrapper for the sold items, shouldn't be hard.
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