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We have the "Living", "Burning", "Wavering", and "Zorai-special-effect-thingy" weapon patterns that are available after HQ patterns, which add nothing more than decoration to the weapon.

Could we have the same thing extended to armours?

The patterns would be something to purchase with crafting points, wouldn't change the stats of the armours or consume any additional mats, and could provide an additional bit of visual flair to high-end armours.

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+1 if it's not to obtrusive


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You really want to revive all the jokes about burning pants and living boots and electric gloves and waving sleeves? :P

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Hell yeah! Jokes are always good!

I dug so much my pick caught on fire!

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i would get more satisfied if just were more light/medium/heavy armour designs at all.

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Whether it's living/burning/waving/electric or completely new pattern options (or best, both!) I'd definitely like to see more variety in armor. Go ahead and make the stats the same, just make available choices on how the LA/MA/HA looks. (Wasn't there a thread in the ideas section about an advanced profession to make this possible?)

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+1 to this idea.

Also it would be good not just fill up trainers with new patterns, but make getting them differ from the usual way "gain SP and go to the trainer". Implement them as encyclopedia or racial rewards, or one would have to research advanced patterns using common ones as a basis, or something like that.
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