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so you want to add gankers to the problems people have to deal with anyway in the prime roots?
No thanks, seen enough of those already.
Rather turn off pvp everywhere and let diggers do their thing without being harassed, if you want to fight each other, make it a fair fight and go to the arena.

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Iala, I have never had any problems with being ganked in PR, even when I was pvp tagged. To be honest, it would be nice to see some people running around in PR (cuz maybe then the KP would not be targetting me all the time).


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Iala why do you play this game? Honestly? You complain more about things that no one has any issues with really. Even if you did get ganked in PR thats the risk you take to dig in those areas. You had the choice KP or PvP area. As for the arena... Its lame and no one really uses it. When I first started playing the Kami and Karavan used to fight over the supernodes and that was a stressful time for diggers but it made digging supremes a team event and it made things interesting

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I love this game, I hate seeing it turned into a gank fest. So it's not the game I don't like, but what some people are trying to turn it into (in this case, turning every high level area into a forced pvp zone, or even "only" all of the prime roots).
Small (or rather very large) difference.

Ryzom was never intended to have world pvp, it was bolted on afterwards by Game Forge to attract the ganker and griefer crowd. Don't make that worse by making it impossible for those who're not gankers and griefers to even leave the cities and towns because they'd be ganked everywhere (like we see in other games that have such mechanics).

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Ryzom was never intended to have world pvp, it was bolted on afterwards by Game Forge to attract the ganker and griefer crowd.

Incorrect information AGAIN sigh..........

Not many have "ganked" in PR and infact i would take a stab in dark and say about 2 from each side with 1 from each side being the more Pro active at it. It was never really a issue before and the red dot on your compass tells all :)

Is funny as u get this big Warning of GvG when you go in some regions and by carrying on you AGREE to it.

PR is fine as it it for the PvP imo, maybe once/if the numbers pick up then the squables for the SNs will come back.

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I've seen more than 2 from either side do it (or try, they didn't always succeed) just in the last year (including during official events, for the sole purpose of griefing as there was no faction fighting involved in those events, in fact the gankers were ganking people they were under the event script supposed to be helping).
So stop speculating, your information is wrong.

And yes, Ryzom was NOT intended to have world pvp. In fact the original design had duels only.

What I'm opposed to is the idea of turning ALL of the pr into an open pvp zone (or even all of the 150+ zones, which has also been suggested), keep the sns as battlegrounds if you want, the vorax there are too much of a bother to dig there anyway.

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