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I think the reason why more people don't pvp is no one likes to be a loser so when your fighting its hard to not take it personal. With RP pvp events at least your killing each other for a reason and perhaps there is less anger when losing because the RP aspect makes it fun still.

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Perhaps my difficulty is that PvPers are getting all the love...yet do nothing but complain that they are not getting enough. When OPs were added, there was a mass exodus from the game...and everytime since that the drums of war start beating, people leave. Yet the PvPers always want more no matter how much the community suffers.
Funny, as from my point of view PvP in this game is completely forbidden. Last decent PvP content has been added almost 6 years ago (not mentioning "PvP" patch here because of the reasons i stated before), last PvP event happened even earlier. Since then, PvP left to go on its own, no additions, no improvements, no changes in mechanics that still rely on numbers and equipment, but nothing else. No even fixes of minor bugs, such as bugged date and time in Outpost Battle windows.
aren't they promising us a new PvP region and a new PvP based faction?
Yeah, finally, after six years of abcense.
Where is the content for those who just want to explore the lore?
Encyclopedia 2?
those who PvP because they enjoy PvP
To enjoy an activity it must be interesting enough. Тo me PvP in Ryzom is boring, predictable and repetetive because of general lack of variety in it: poor choice of actions, tactics and equipment, lack of useful stanzas, auras being stuck all at one cooldown, and lack of tricks one can use to make it more unpredictable and challenging.

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