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At first I thought the water was just super clear, because when I swim in it I look like I'm floating, then I noticed up in the sky there was a strange object, and realized it was the water which is supposed to be in the lake.

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I don't see any water in the sky on your screenshot.

Just some clouds and the usual branch (canopy, sky-roots, what ever you want to call it)

Do you have AMD/ATI graphics?
I have the same effect (water missing) if I switch to Open GL in windows with my AMD/ATI graphics.


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Yeah, I feel really dumb now, I realized those were giant roots in the sky :P However the water is definitely missing, which kind of sucks because the water in this game looks really good :[

I have a laptop with an Intel chipset, 128 MB of dedicated video memory. Also, on Ubuntu 11.04, Compiz is directly integrated, so you can't switch it off, I have heard others that use Compiz have problems and when they switch it off they don't have problems. However there are also lots of people that seem to use Ubuntu 11.04 just like me, that use Compiz, and they don't have the problem, so maybe it's a mixture of different things? Linux uses Open GL, so maybe Open GL mixed with some other factor?

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Maybe it's time to stop using Ubuntu, then? I hear Arch is nice (I use it). Are you sure you can't switch off compiz? I'm pretty sure in earlier versions of Ubuntu there was a "desktop effects" setting that you could set to none. I'm also fairly sure it's possible just remove compiz, if you know how to finagle it so it doesn't remove the rest of your packages in the process.

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Switching OS seems pretty excessive just to fix a graphics bug. :) There are several suggestions here that might be of use - it sounds like what's "locking" Compiz in is Unity, so using a Unity alternative (Gnome [yay!] or downloadable Unity 2D) should allow you to disable Compiz.

If that fails, then the Windows client runs pretty well under Wine, though that's hardly an ideal solution.

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