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A Karavan agent, who recently requested an audience with King Yrkanis, has been granted permission to work with the Royal College to continue his research on Kitin activity in the Kitin Lair. Duke Rodi di Varello has appointed Nisti Tinanti, Royal Kitinologist, to assist the Karavan in the research project.

The Karavan Researcher and Royal Kitinologist request an audience at the next assembly of Nobles* to discuss the details of the project.

* Sunday, 14 August 2011 14:00:00 UTC (1 decade ago)

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please reschedule either this or the nobles assembly, as the two are currently scheduled to be run at the exact same time.

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Stories of Atys
... request an audience at the next assembly of Nobles* ...

I read this to say that it does take place at the nobles assembly as well.


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Please note updated time


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Since when do the Karavan tell homins to go into the prime roots?



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Since when do the Karavan tell homins to go into the prime roots?

since the threat emanating from there is serious enough to threaten Her creation. That said, the karavan maintain teleporters in the prime roots, with homins to guard them.

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Moved discussion posts here.


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A messenger posts a note on the bulletin board.
Deles Silam ​​homins,

To get a general idea about the changing situation in the Kitin Lair at Almati Wood, the Royal College invites all homins on 19h - Tria, Fallenor 15, 2nd AC 2600(JY)* to participate in an expedition into the depths of the lair. Both combative and inquisitive homins are needed.

The Atys Rangers have agreed to help lead the expedition through the lair. I, Nisti Tinanti, will take part in the expedition as the scientific leader.

I hope for lively participation.

Nisti Tinanti
Royal Kitinologist

* Saturday, 3 September 2011 20:00:00 UTC (1 decade ago) Kitin-Lair entrance, Almati Wood

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For those who need reminder of the last event in this chain, article still here:

There was also a minor event in this chain where the Matis Kitinologist asked the Nobles permission to join on this project even if it meant working with the other races, hardly worth mentioning though.

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Many homins from Karavan and kami gathered to help Nisti, who appeared to have his notes in a muddle and asked us to re-trace our steps from last time, asking for a volunteer to lead.

Amnesia stepped up, by vurtue of the rest of us stepping back, to lead us first to the "pantry". For reasons only known to homins who spend thei time drinking in bars and gambling, we shot off to the Queen's egg room, getting wiped only the once on the way.

Then we decided to lurch to the "Pantry" and the "Cattle room" and promptly got wiped a few more times as over eager boobs/deranged oldies were killing the food - an immediate trigger for the swarms of KP! Odd homins insisted on taking down the kipesta boss - instead of concentrating on task and poor Nisti disappeared, no doubt in despair ...


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I did not step up to lead.
Nisti asked if there was anyone present from the First expedition. I said I'm, than when Nisti asked me to lead i said, "As my name indicates i can't recall the locations of the places, maybe someone esle should lead us.( In other words i can DC at anytime)"
That is when Nisti said what he should NOT have. "Than we go and find them by Exploring." That is when Homins started to go all over the place like children touching everything poking things, thus enraging the kitin. Some when laid eyes upon Kizokoo could not resist the urge to try and kill it. I warned them if they start on it it takes too much effort to do it because he has many minions that come in waves.

Nisti should have been more insitant on the mission at hand than letting us all roam aimlessly. I still have no idea what we were suppose to accomplish down there. One thing for sure we accomplished is enraging the Kitin. I would not be supprised if the Kitin would try to invade us all again.

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Great synopsis! I am pretty sure there are foul vapors in the Lair that derange the best of intentions.
It is a tricky place and an event here will aways draw many inexperienced homins who can easily get tps in Zora and Yrkanis. In short, pulling off an organized event in this place is a near impossibility. I am surprised the event team is still trying to proceed on along this storyline, unless ofc it doesn't really matter how much we foul up. :p

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A research student from the Royal College posts a note in the center of the bulletin board.
Deles Silam,

The Kitin research is continuing at a slower pace than expected. Though many homin were present at the recent venture into the Kitins' Lair, the project did not proceed as planned as our presence only seemed to incite the Kitin there.

Since my analysis was not completed I ask any who venture into the Kitin base to remain observant and to post your findings on this bulletin. In particular I did not collect data from the Observation Platform, which according to the original notes, looks over a trench, and the Pantry, which uses some type of skeleton for food storage.

I am also seeking information regarding Kitins from all possible sources that might have something to do with current events. Additional postings of any research from any source should also be posted on this bulletin. Please site the source of all information for further clarification or if additional research is required.

As mentioned at the expedition, I see a need for specimen collection in the near future. The Karavan Researcher and I are now determining which materials, in particular, will be needed to further this research project. As soon as a decision has been reached, you will be notified.

Nisti Tinanti
Royal Kitinologist

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I visited the Kitin Lair on Tria, Frutor 03, 3rd AC 2557. KIpesta activity seemed heavier than normal with new patrols coming more frequently than I had experienced in the past. Venturing to the Observation Platform I was able to observe Kipekoo on the opposite ledge and a Great Kizarack down below which appeared to be exhibiting nesting behavior.

Moving on to the cliffside outside the Egg Room, I was further concerned after noting another Great Kizarack. Both GK's were centering their attention around what looked like some wooden structure, what appears a hollowed out stump of some kind. Perhaps this will serve as some kind of nest.


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Good scouting. I agree it bodes ill.
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