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This is my second idea for mektoub upgrades. Please see other post.
This idea is for armor for the meks. It should be a new craftable armour, just like the players. This would allow us more HP for the little guys to endure node explosions and run aggro better.

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+1 Sounds like a useful addition, make homins craft different designed saddles and bags, crafting (visible) armor or jewels for a mek might look rather odd.

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hmm, why odd?
Warhorses of old were often fitted with armour ranging from pieces of leather to full plate metal.
Same could work on meks as well.

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In the end what I want to accomplish with this would be more xp for my mek. So what ever that takes.

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+1 good way to add new crafting, more incentive to dig and hunt, and modifiying mektoub stats would be cool.


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