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As the topic says... a wider selection of pictures and shapes when creating a guild emblem ingame.

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+1 Seems a bit unimportant, but at the same time, easy enough to implement, and someone may want to use one of the new ones. (Although if they do add a bunch of new ones, I will next be supporting requests for a one time redesign for current guilds).

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Being a new player, I didn't realize guild emblems had to be built from standard parts. How boring. Why not allow the guild master to use any image file of a certain format and dimensions for the emblem like Ragnarok Online? If the emblems here need to be scalable unlike there, just make the required format be SVG or something instead of bmp or png. If there would be issues with content, I'm sure an appropriate punishment could be worked out for inappropriate emblems.

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There are several reasons for that:)
1) to ensure the logos stay within the lore (all are the emblems of existing tribes and civilisations within the Ryzom universe)
2) transmission of those custom images to every other player out there would put strain on the servers, especially when Ryzom was created back in 2003 that was a major factor (other mmos with guild emblems don't have this same option either, btw)
3) allowing people to use their own pictures would create options for guild emblems that are abusive, offensive, racist, etc. Vetting each before it can be adopted would have to be a manual process, which is labour intensive, slow, and would cause complaints about that. Only acting on complaints afterwards could cause bad press either way, some would complain action was too slow, others that action was too harsh or unnecessary.

But 1) and 2) are by far the most important.

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Given improved technology, and particularly the direction Ryzom seems to be drifting for new content (web-based controls), even #2 isn't an issue any more. Like so many other things, it might mean some dev time is spent adjusting the code to make it an efficient process, but it can certaily become as easy and as low-strain as serving up an image from a web server (cached on client) at login or first appearance. This is how other games that allow user-created guild/alliance symbols implement the option.

(Your guild's icon appears to reside at: http://atys.ryzom.com/api/guild_icon.php?icon=56291794621038881 for the 32x32 PNG version)

#1 is definitely still a concern.

An occasional contest/event to determine new logo components that are then voted on by the community and included in the next patch that follows the event could be a fun thing.

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While this idea is good the game should not be flooded with unrelated content, almost everything here is linked to lore or other game mechanics. Ryzom is a true sandbox game and not the run-off-the-mill content refill rpg. If you look at the major games all they do is feeding the neverending content spiral. Usually to an extend where players see through the schemes and don't accept the content anymore resulting in wasted effort from the creators.

Ryzom could use new content, I won't argue there, but it should fit to the past and general style of the game. Ryzom ran without any major updates for more than a year and people still played it. Imagine this for any of the other large games out there.

Creativity is a good thing, for example the Ryzom Ring, but it should always leave a choice to the players. If I see people running around with naruto guild logos (and believe me, it will happen), I can't enjoy this game anymore. Of course they could be switched off, but then I can't see any of the logos.

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A logo contest might be a good idea, but what most of you don't know is the lore behind each and every symbol. Ryzom has a huge backstory and explaination of almost everything used. However it is only slowly made public either by the event team or the lore wiki.

If you want to design a custom logo, it has to have a consistent backstory which fits the lore and future plans nobody of us know. So it would be pretty difficult.

Of course I'm being very picky here, but this game is one of the few with a solid and unique universe. If you take pieces of other games into ryzom it will step by step fade into mainstream and ultimatively vanish like most of them do.

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If you take pieces of other games into ryzom it will step by step fade into mainstream and ultimatively vanish like most of them do.
Nothing wrong in taking successful features from other games and adapting them for Ryzom. If such feature does benefit the game in any way, then i'd definitely vote for it and i don't care at all what game it has been taken from - WoW, EQ, Eve or Hello Kitty Online. I'm all up for new original content, but rejecting new content or feature just because it already has been used in other games is plain stupid, or should i say, paranoid.

What about occupations? They look pretty much like crafts or professions in many other MMO's out there. Yet they present some actual content, giving players more things to do and rewarding them with useful stuff. I'm not 100% happy about their mechanics and implementation, but they are still decent content adding new dimension to the game.

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A logo contest might be a good idea, but what most of you don't know is the lore behind each and every symbol.

That's a good idea.

Anyway... as already mentioned, there is lots of content to be sourced and there ist always the opportunity to create new content for new symbols/emblems.

For example:
There are more than just Yubos and Mekkis an Atys.
Some Homins might decide on the evil path and worship Kitins or else.
Black Circle has a nice symbol and somehow Homins could use Tribes symbols for their guild symbol.
If not the picture then at least the arrangement of the shape and colour sections. Why not three different colours in on symbol? Or a circle with an inner circle and an outer circle?

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If you take pieces of other games into ryzom it will step by step fade into mainstream and ultimatively vanish like most of them do.
Nothing wrong in taking successful features from other games and adapting them for Ryzom.

maybe. But the vast majority of such "suggestions" are nothing but "XXX has it therefore it must be good" under some veneer.
Trying to adopt just everything that works anywhere leads to nothing.

The guild logos are what they are because they're all strictly lore related, let's keep it that way please.
In a game with no strong lore, having user created logos might make sense, in a game like Ryzom with a strong RP and Lore background it's anathema and would destroy the atmosphere (certainly when taken together with everything else that totally ignores the lore, which is what a lot of these "suggestions" do).

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*resurrects thread*

Now that we (well, I) know a little more about how guild emblems work, it's apparent adding more shapes wouldn't be easy, as there are 15 shapes and only room for 15 in the way emblems are currently encoded.

There does seem to be room for pictures though, there's 44 and room for 63.

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And one thing we totally need is a Zoraï symbol! Go head, check out Fyros, Tryker, Matis and Zoraï symbols.

Now compare with these:

See, we have Fyros, Tryker, Matis, but nothing resembling the Zoraï symbol to put on our guild emblems! Won't somebody think of the poor neglected Zoraï guilds?!

#13 [en] 

Looks like Zorai to me!

#14 [en] 

That's Zoraï writing, but not the Zoraï symbol :P

These all look Matis:

But they're clearly not the official Matis symbol that I've linked to above.

Here, there's also Fyros writing:

And here, Tryker writing:

But there's no Matis writing available, so you've pointed out yet another case where one race is left out of the emblems!

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I would like to see more varieties of Guild logos.
Here are some of the Animal related Icons.

Would like to see more of them...

Wouldn't it make sense to have a Gubani in the logo of the "The Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani" folks?
Ofcourse it would be very nice to have other animals in Guild Logos as well. Like: Yubos, Gubanis, Izams, Bodocs, Yelks etc. or even Kitin.

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