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Since I discovered water in this game, always wanted to go under it. It'd be awesome if they had that option. Then they could have underwater mobs or mats or something. Idk, bub I think underwater play is pretty cool and something to think about.
Ps: the other day I was swimming and turned the cam in the angle so I could see half of what was under water in lakes. It was beautiful, nice colored vegetation too ^^



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It would be great, but would require a complete rewrite of the graphics engine. It would add a 3rd dimension to movement, which at the moment is impossible (this is also the reason that jumping is technically impossible to implement, even were it a desirable feature).

There are in fact some 3D models of water creatures (fish, etc.) in the graphics library, as underwater content was at one stage during development considered but later abandoned when the graphics engine was changed to disallow the third dimension for performance reasons (remember, this was 2003/4).
Rewriting it now would likely not be feasible in any commercially viable amount of time.

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I still think it should be sone for the future. Even if it takes years. ^^ the game would become much better. :)



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There are sea mobs in the games files and some kind of fish mount. I also remember some cover art that showed sea creatures, but sadly never came to pass. I doubt they will ever put them in now.

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that's very sad to hear ;(



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I know that z axis is missing but the first devs used a trick to make birds fly (that's why an izam can't fly over a fence)

So if the z axis is the only problem, maybe they can ignore it and use the same trick to make lake creatures swim?

Ok they won't swim under citys or floating plants but... they'll still have plenty of space to swim freely.

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Kaléan McFerty
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maybe that could work, to a very limited extent.
Of course most people like the water as a safe retreat from aggro. Wouldn't want piranhas and sharks in our lakes and seas :)
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