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Add new features to the Ring such as more logic components, the ability to spawn props, player control and maybe some (preset) sound effects.
Only one or two of the above suggestions would in my opinion improve the Ring greatly.

Imagine a Yubo-ball scenario with teams and scoring or a scenario with a Marauder ambush that prevents escape by blocking all exits with boulders. That'd be great.


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Yes! More love to the Ring!

Well I think the problem is that it's hard for developers to spend time improving the Ring when no one uses it. There was a Ring contest last year and as far as I know only 2 or 3 players participated. The same 2 ones who have made most of the Ring scenarios we have available today (they're all in Ryzom Wiki btw, awesome scenarios!!)

The sad truth is, people dont use it. Someone tried to host one scenario per week and announce it on public forums/channels and no one showed up. I think making the Ring a bit more stable and getting rid of those crashes when folks try to log in and out of the Ring would be a good start to make it more user friendly. I know some people avoid it cause of its bad rep of being " buggy". But the only problem is when you log in. After you're there it's usually pretty stable.

But yea, being able to spawn props would open a whooole new world of possibilities for the Ring.


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no one showed up... i resemble that statement...


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Well, nobody besides Ghuiss showed up :P

But yes, cool as those things would be, it'd make no difference until we get the ability to host scenarios without having to babysit them. If they're going to work on the Ring, this should be the #1 priority in my opinion.

They have this fancy browserbased web-app now, so how about letting me host a scenario through my internet browser? Unlike the Ryzom program, I could easily keep a browser open 24/7.

The #2 priority should be those stability issues, that makes people get stuck in the Ring and then phobic of using it everafter, but if that was something so easy to solve it would've been already, I suspect... so hosting first!

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Ah, right.
I can't see why they wouldn't host it for us, the scenario files are not that large.


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That said, preset sounds effects would be damn cool. :D

Another thing I've dreamed of; a logic element to make stuff trigger at a certain ingame time or weather. (Like making the gingos come out at 22h, or when it rains.)

And the ability to spawn objects is a no-brainer.

't is fun to think of all the possibilities, but still the hosting must come first.

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If no one uses it, why not raise the library limit?

Try building a forest in one of the forest land scenarios that is even near as dense as some parts of the in-game forest...and then try to add animals and/or homin, not to mention whatever you were thinking of actually doing in the scenario. Then...try to add another Act or two. I was really excited when they released R2 and I have spent a lot of time building scenarios, but I have built very few which lived up to what I was attempting to build for this very reason.

Sorry, I realize this request has probably been made many many times...but if no one is using R2 anymore, I do not see a reason to not raise the limit (assuming the limit is there to avoid the overhead involved with many massive scenarios)...and for Jena's sake, give us some portal animations.

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The problem is the hosting, I posted several solutions to it already on the old feedback page but it was never considered. My idea was a central scenario archive, maybe done via web based interface. Every homin would get a certain slot count for scenarios let's say 3 slots similar to the merchant.

He/She could then upload and manage the favourite scenarios and they appear on a central sortable list. Exactly like we currently have it with the listed scenarios in the ring window. EXCEPT one huge difference, those scenarios are not running yet.

So they don't take up any resources. If a homin decides to play one of the listed scenarios, it would be started and uploaded to the ring just like a normal scenario would and other players could join.

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In short:

- a list with available scenario files, manageable by the users
- scenarios are only started when they are requested by a player
- if a scenario is running everyone can join the current scenario like we have it currently
- to prevent scenarios from hanging, add a timeout, for example force quit a scenario if no trigger was activated within 1 hour

This way the ring would always be interesting because scenarios are available all the time. They won't use up resources if not needed and most importantly, people would start using it.

It's a death spiral, because the ring is hard to use / problematic to host people neglect it, because nobody is using it the devs don't give it priority / improve its usability.

I think the ring can be improved alot just with little changes, no need to rewrite stuff, fix the countless bugs or introduce new stuff. While this would also be nice, improved scenario hosting would give all of it a kickstart.

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Better hosting would've been such a small thing, and could've made such a huge difference to Ring popularity, the fact that they never did it almost makes one think that someone wanted the Ring to fail. It's like they tried to build the most awesome slide in the world and then totally left out the ladder so that the only way to get on would be to climb a nearby tree.

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Well, why is it too late? Many of us are still here and would give R2 another try if they announced "upgrades".

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Currently enjoying the ring with friends, my party isle works again *cheers*
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