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Ahh, okay. I misunderstood the "Citizens of the Witherings" bit. I'm telling you guys, the Zorai government lore needs its own translator team =)

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*huggles Riku and smacks him on the back of the head* I'll remember that should I decide to return. :P
The Awakened are the translators, and yes, this is counter-intuitive. The Awakened guide the ZoraÏ and interpret past, present and future lore as it is studied, created and pondered. So, if you've a question, seek out a friendly Awakened, as they're sure to answer your query. :)

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So, trying to steer this back to the original purpose ... =)

My request is that we allow Neutral guilds to recruit civ/faction-aligned players and/or allow players to declare for civ/faction once a member. There should be an option for the guild leader to disallow this as well for guilds that want to remain strict.

We can see it could affect a number of those with political affiliations or aspirations and might allow them to rejoin their friends in a guild -- the purpose of guilds -- instead of requiring them to be somewhere else just to satisfy game mechanics.

(Thanks again everyone for all the clarifications!)

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While the idea sounds good in theory, I personally don't agree with it. It'd give neutral guilds (either civ or faction) too much of a recruitment advantage. There'd be no point for a guild to align if it could just be neutral and accept everyone.


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There'd be no point for a guild to align if it could just be neutral and accept everyone.

Umm ... what about RP reasons?  Sheesh, are people that out of touch with Roleplay these days?  Oh, then there is faction TPs, faction items, faction events, involvement in government and so on.

Count me as a +1 vote.  Little enough attention is paid to neutrals as a viable faction as it is so this would seem like a step in a positive direction.  One of the reasons I've heard people cite they didn't want their guild neutral is that it limited recruitment and had no advantages.

Also, there is currently zero option for a guild to be both Hominist and Theist.  This would allow that option.

(Edit: To add constructive points other than Riku has gone insane. )

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Kaly, let's be honest here. Do you truly believe folks in the game will align their guilds for roleplay and RP events if they can get a big gameplay advantage by not doing so? I'm all for roleplay, but I think it should be supported by gameplay, not go against it.

Don't get me wrong though, I do admit that neutral guilds as it is, have nothing going for them. I wouldn't mind if they had some perks and stuff (see Moonie's thread for an example), but not something that would just totally tip the balance to the other side and make aligned guilds obsolete gameplay wise.

In the end the majority will follow gameplay advantages, not RP, so might as well tailor the gameplay to how you want folks to behave according to lore.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

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So essentially what you are saying is that "Yes, people are that out of touch with Roleplay"

*sigh*  Maybe you're right, but I still don't think that's a reason to not cater for it, and the option to say 'as Theists we have a place for you in our guild regardless of your religious beliefs' is a viable RP option imho.

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What about the q250 zones above ground but not primeroots, otherwise I would not understand why guilds would align except for roleplaying reasons. This would just change the neutral guilds in the guild to be in and allignedguilds inneutrals we have now


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