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Everytime I log in my title over my head is "Homin". When I look at the "Infos" Interface my title is "Papiermacher". When i switch it again , its displayed correctly...till i log in again. So the setting of my title is not saved. Anyone else have this problem?

Running on Windows7. I have Admin rights and access to the save folder, because everything else (mapmarker, macros, ...) gets saved.

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Tried setting the title via "Interaktion" -> Web -> Profile or "Identit├Ąt" -> Infos. Nothing worked permanently. Title is not saved. Strange thing: In the Web Application the title is correct.. only the title over my head is wrong (see picture). When I change it again in the Web application, the title over my head changes correctly.....but only till the next login.

Bigger Version of the picture:

http://www.guardians-of-fire.de/index.php?view=detail&id=163& amp;option=com_joomgallery&Itemid=75#joomimg

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I'm experiencing the same bug, but it seems like this only happens with titles from occupations.

Well, occupation-titles have always been troublesome, even though I like them the most.

Btw.: the title that Gazzi mentioned, "Papiermacher"; means "Scrollmaker" in German :)



This problem with Titel Setting occurs because of the duality.

When you log in the web application for the title is not correctly loaded.

Before this titles were changed under identity (dropdown-menue) and this is the titel you see.

If you now go to Info and load it (this is normally blank) you get the title you set there.

The simplest solution to this:

Log in and change your title under identity to the one you want. This way you always have the wanted title.

P.S.: After you loaded Info the Dropdown-Menu under identity vanishes. So you can only change it as long as you dont go to info.


This ocurrs with me as well. Sometimes I log in and only while things are loading is it set to my default title which is Master Light Armorer and then I go look and I see the old title system in my identity window. And then the title I usually have on is not even on the old system because it is a special reward title "Matis Corporal" I ahve to go change it manually which is annoying and sometimes I forget.


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I'm having problems too; the title set in the Info tab is'tn used and the dropdown in the first tab is still showing.


Similar issues here. I occasionally log in with a different title than I left with, this can be quite annoying if you use titles as a kind of "RP tag" as I sometimes do.


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As I have mentioned, my character has always been set back to "Homin" everyday when using occupation-titles. It didn't matter if I was changing the title to "Magnetic Cartographer", "Water-Carrier" or "Medic" via identity-window and dropdown-menu or if I was choosing the occupation-title from the list in the "info"-window. The next day I logged on it would always read "Homin" again. Sometimes I had my game crash, and those times were the only occasions the occupation-title would be kept and not set back to "Homin".

Well, since I've gotten an (RP-)ambassador-title (and I've been setting this via "info") this title is staying with me nicely for a few days now already and didn't get set back to "Homin" :)

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I have that with standard titles as well. No matter what i set it to. I can set it to Refugee, or Armorer Aprentice or Crimson Excecutioner or Fyros Patriot it always resets to Homin


The newest Title from the Flame Event doesnt stay at all. Everytime I log in the "new" Titles are gone. When I go to the Identity Tab (P) then Infos the first time it starts i got an error "error:: connection timeout: http://atys.ryzom.com/start/app_profile.php....". When I press the reload Button the Title and Profile settings are displayed (there correctly, over my Head I am Homin).

Maybe this helps to fix the problem.



For me it is even more weird. Every time i log on ryzom chooses one of "Fortunate", "Tryker Citizen" and "Homin" randomly. I didn't change my title setting for quite a while and it keeps changing upon logon.

Looks pretty much like a race condition (which setting or item is loaded at what time). That would also explain why the situation can be different for each homin because the loading sequence depends on completed missions (ever), fame, inventory and i guess some more data.


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Great.. after the crash on Sunday (Leanon) the new webbased title system doesnt work anymore. I can select a title via the webappscreen, but It doesnt get displayed over my head.
For example I cant set the Halloween flame-title anymore. Only the titles via the "old" System under the character screen are avalible and changeable atm.

Please fix the web title system, make it work stable or make a rollback to the old reliable one.

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Hi Gazzi,

The title system on Leanon should work now.


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yes the title system works again now. Thank You.


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