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Well, what I had in mind is more something that can be bought with civ honor points (which are still obtainable if you do missions in the proper camps for civilisations you have positive fame with.) Aligned citizens get double the points reward, hominists have access to all civ vendors since they are welcome everywhere. But I, as a Fyros citizen, cannot have more than 0 fame with the Matis, so I shouldn't be able to purchase from their civ vendor. On the other hand, I can still access the Tryker and Zorai vendors.

And if someone wants something not accessible because of fame, he can still pay a friend to get it for him.

I agree about the TP thingies. A non-factionned citizen of a civilisation should have access to that civilisation's Town and lvl 250 TPs. But I don't know if an opposite factionned citizen should be able to do so. If you chose to go against your civilisation's choice of faction, why should you be rewarded ? That would make more neutrals want to be Zorai aligned for Void TP :p


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I'd personally say just limit it to the cities. It still means Kara players might be inclined to declare for Zorai and Kami players might be inclined to declare for Matis or Tryker to get the Q250 item vendors.

The Q250 zones would be a bit of a stretch since they're not necessarily directly influenced by the civs.

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mind folks ya'll should really have all the teleports.... till they descoped the game....


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