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Back when I first started playing, gassing mounts and packers was considered griefing and was petitionable, if you could catch the person doing it. Apparently today, there are still people who do that kind of thing, whether by digging or by yelking.

If a harvest source explodes or releases gas, it should not affect your meks unless you were involved in causing the source to destabilize, whether by prospecting, extracting, or careplanning. Similarly, if someone drags a yelk and kills it near meks, the meks should not take damage unless the owner was involved in the kill.

Basically, if you -could- earn experience for the action releasing the gas, whether harvesting or killing yelks or any other method of causing damage to the meks, it should damage any meks you own in the vicinity. Otherwise, it should not damage your meks.

Instead of allowing people to grief and then trying to catch them after the fact, just make it impossible to grief. The checks for experience are already in place, so the game already keeps track of who was "involved" in each kind of action.

If this practice is now permitted, ignore everything I just said and please let me know that it is now acceptable behaviour. I'll continue on my merry little way =)

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Losing a mek is always sad thing, but imho safety of mek is the responsibility of owner.

Source explosion or yelk gas is basically only thing that will kill a mek. There is other mob AoE effects that will kill a mek, but gas and yelk are main causes.

Yelk deaths are also caused by predators, so keeping meks parked near them is generally bad idea.

Also keeping meks parked at the source is not the brightest idea and totally avoidable (very least you should pull them to safe(r) place before you tp out.

Keeping mek at water swimming, but close to shore is also bad idea as AoE effect would still damage mek.

A while back when I was duo-digging in FF, the so called mek's parking lot was located directly over choice source spot. Unfortunately I was unable to move the sources (as suggested by the mek owners), so there was some mek deaths (5/5 cp does fail if not paying attention).  Not to mention it was directly next to yelk spawn.


.. but should it be petitionable ? only when done intentionally to attended meks (ie. any player near mek, not including the perp ofcourse).

ps. if any sees my meks unattended on field vulnerable to source explosion / really-really near yelks... go for it.

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#3 [en] 

If you parked your meks near yelk spot or digging spot it's exclusively your fault. No wonder, they may occasionally get killed. Kind of punishment for your own stupidity or lack of attention. Deal with it. If you lost your meks once, hopefully you have learnt your lesson and next time will pay more attention. All is good here, nothing have to be changed.

Learning what places are good or bad is a big part of game experience. Wrong choice must be punished. It's very similar to learning what mobs are dangerous and how to avoid them. Let's make all aggro mobs not chasing you once you move one step away from them! Just because they can be used for griefing by dragging them to other players.

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