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I am not sure whether your shard is the same but Leanon can sometimes be kind of deserted and on top of it many times other people are not online that could craft things when you need it.
To improve personal trading/crafting I thought it might be a good idea if a homin can hire a "apprentice" to carry out the "minor" tasks and therefore improve crafting possibilities.
It is just a general idea and there are probably things I didn't take into account, but never mind, here we go:

You can hire a NPC who is able to receive materials/dapper for a pre-arrange order.
The order was arrange via mail/message between client and crafter.
So therefore the client gives the NPC the asked materials/dapper and the crafter can later (when online) collect it from the NPC. The crafter gives then the finished goods to the NPC.
The client can now pick up the goods when he/she is online the next time.
Done deal.

Anticipated problems:
How to do more than one order at any one time?
When a client "uses" an NPC the NPC is blocked until the client picks up the goods and therefore finished the deal off.
Therefore crafter lvl1-150 can have one NPC, Lvl151-200 can have two and Lvl201-250 can have three.
Other option is that the orders are done in a mission-style and each mission is homin specific order.

If one party if offline for a long time and not contactable, either party could terminate the order. This would be most likely the crafter to free his/her NPCs. If it gets misused by the crafter s/he will soon run out of clients.
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